Most people who buy pickup trucks are interested in the ability to haul cargo easily. Many are farmers, construction workers, movers, or otherwise. But how many times have you been speeding down the highway or interstate only to come up on a pickup truck and realize that the driver has not properly secured the cargo he or she is carrying? Unsecured cargo has been the cause of many fatality and non-fatality accidents, and these accidents were completely preventable.

What is the best way to secure cargo in the bed of a pickup? Here are some tips.

Use a cargo net. For only $60, Isuzu sells a Bed Web Net made of a tough elastic material and designed to stretch. The mount hardware is included and installation is easy. The net keeps cargo from flying out or sliding out of the back even during hard stops or fast turns.

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Buy a bed extender. Designed for the Isuzu truck, the Bed Extender, made of steel, retails for well under $300 and gives pickup owners additional truck bed length. This particular bed extender has the ability to swing in to provide a contained cargo area as well.

Bed Covers work well too. Many pickup truck models also can be accessorized with bed covers that not only keep cargo inside, but help to hide it and prevent theft as well.

Cargo Sports Bags are another option. These are often used in SUVs as well and do an excellent job of keeping smaller items from rolling around or flying out of pickup truck cargo beds.

It’s also important to keep in mind that using these precautions, as well as others will protect the cargo itself. When hauling cargo, it’s important to drive more cautiously than normal and make slow, steady turns. The added weight of your load can make turning more difficult and brakes may not respond as quickly or efficiently as when driving without cargo.

Every pickup truck has cargo weight guidelines. It’s extremely important to obey these guidelines. While it might not be simple to actually weigh the load you plan to haul, it is better to err on the side of caution if estimating. Hauling additional weight beyond the manufacturer’s guideline can significantly increase your chance of an accident or damage to your vehicle. There is also a chance you could be ticketed by law enforcement for hauling a load heavier than your pickup is designed to carry.


As an industry, the manufacture of trailers dates back only half a dozen years, but it has grown rapidly until today there are seventy-five or more trailer manufacturers in the country, and several are exporting to foreign countries.

Trailers for sale are made in a wide variety of types and capacities for all sorts of purposes, ranging from the little pneumatic tired two-wheel trailer of 500 pounds capacity, to be attached behind runabouts and touring cars, to ten-ton and fifteen-ton trailers and semi-trailers, hauled by powerful tractors and motor trucks. These include car haulers, dump trailers, utility trailers, equipment trailers etc. Size is one of the main considerations while looking for a trailer. The maximum towing capacity and maximum tongue weight of your tow vehicle are limiting factors.

Utility trailers are of great use for both home owners and contactors as well. These multipurpose utility trailers are available in varied sizes so as to cater to your specific requirements like for lifting lawn mowers, vehicles, golf carts as well as ideal for hauling small equipment too. Car haulers are used for specific purpose of hauling your vehicles, including personal car or racing car. Apart from car haulers, another variety is equipment trailer which are used to transfer skid loaders, excavators, and small tractors. Dump trailers are used for small purposes at homes as well as for commercial purposes. These types of dump trailers are available in various types of models, sizes and weights.

The use of dump trailers has been gaining in popularity as one of the most cost effective means for handling tear-off removal. Licensing fees, insurance costs and maintenance expenses associated with a dump truck are astronomical in most parts of the country. The use of dump trailers is a more cost effective and more versatile method for handling tear-off debris.

A gooseneck trailer is also an important variety of trailers that has been introduced especially for heavy loads and towing of equipments as these trailers have an enhanced stability and tighter turning of radius.

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to invest in a well constructed utility trailer. While you may think that you will only use a utility trailer a handful of times, the truth is that once you have a trailer, you will find more uses for it than you can imagine.

Simply put, a utility trailer is any type of non motorized trailer that attaches to your vehicle so that you can haul whatever you need to. Utility trailers can be either enclosed or open; they can be large or small; and they can be simple or elaborately styled to match your towing vehicle.

Utility Trailer Uses

There are several uses for a utility trailer. Here is a glimpse at just the top ten uses of utility trailers:

1. Automobiles: From time to time it becomes necessary to haul an inoperable car or truck. Tow trucks are expensive, especially if the distance is great. A utility trailer is a great way to haul vehicles and a good investment if you need to do so regularly.

2. Boats: If you have a boat, you will need a utility trailer to get it to and from the water.

3. Lawn Care Equipment: If you live in a rural area, you may find that you need to haul your mowing equipment from one piece of your property to another. Packing equipment and loading it into a pickup truck bed can get old very quickly. A utility trailer will allow you to drive your equipment right up onto the trailer without the aid of ramps or two strong men.

4. Furniture: Moving furniture is a breeze with a utility trailer. Furniture dollies roll right up onto the trailer and you can haul more than you can with a pickup.

5. Building Supplies: Do you have projects that need to be done around the house? Pick up your own building supplies and save on delivery fees.

6. Bikes, Motorcycles, and ATVs: Recreational vehicles are best hauled on a utility trailer.

7. Livestock: An enclosed trailer is most often used to haul livestock.

8. Auction and Flea Markets: If you frequent auctions and flea markets, you will need the hauling capability to bring home your inexpensive and rare finds.

9. Appliances: Utility trailers are ideal for hauling appliances.

10. Debris and Trash: Loading trash in and out of your pickup bed can be cumbersome and clean up can be messy, but it would be worse to have to haul trash in your SUV. Clean up after a big job is a lot easier with a utility trailer.

Boom trucks for sale are specialty vehicles which offer matchless services for a number of special operations. They can be used in tree trimming services, loading and unloading heavy products and also for transporting. They are designed specially to offer capacity, mobility and versatility. In short, they are high performance vehicles. Due to their specialized nature, they carry higher price tags. Therefore it is essential to seek help of an experienced boom truck financing company to purchase these sophisticated equipments.

As boom trucks are used by number of companies for various types of operations. Thus different types of boom truck financing options can be provided for different types of operations. A lift truck financing is an option which helps to acquire the trucks which can be used for specific functions whereby use of ladders is not possible. They are very expensive and due to their specialized features, traditional lenders may not be willing to provide financial assistance. Hence seeking the help of a financing company that has experience in boom truck financing is often desirable.

Gantry or overhead trucks which are sophisticated types of trucks help in carrying heavy items that cannot be carried manually. These trucks for sale also allow easy motion of heavy items with less effort from the operator. They are vitally important for certain manufacturing companies that are engaged in producing heavy goods like cars. Since these trucks do not help directly in generating revenues, most of the companies find it profitable to go for boom truck financing. This helps them to pay low monthly payment.
All terrain boom trucks are yet another type of sophisticated trucks which can be used for the placement of goods, equipment at places wherein human power is rendered useless. They help in safe motion of heavy goods. They have the capability of working in rough terrains too. Due to their specialized nature, they are quite expensive. Hence all terrain boom truck financing is often necessary.

Knuckle boom trucks are useful in loading and unloading heavy equipment. They offer valuable service in moving heavy goods even in hazardous areas. They keep all dangers at bay. They are also useful in transporting heavy materials. Since they offer multiple services, they can be very expensive. Many companies therefore seek the help of reliable financing companies for financing knuckle boom truck.

Telescopic boom trucks perform all the basic functions of a simple boom truck. In addition to it, they also provide the facility of increasing their range as per the requirements. Many companies which want to buy boom trucks wish to buy telescoping boom truck only. Since they are sophisticated in nature, they are pricey and thus boom truck financing is the best option to acquire them.

Bucket trucks are unique in nature and they help in transporting people to places which are not possible to reach through other means. They provide valuable services in tree trimming work. Due to their specialized nature, they are costly and bucket truck financing is often desirable.

The valid financing companies that have experience in financing boom trucks can help the companies by providing assistance in better terms. Submitting an online application is enough to seek their help. They do not require any embarrassing procedures and so the companies which wish to buy boom trucks can avail their help at any given time.

A truck for sale is not simply a mode of commuting, at least for us Americans, but it is a reflection of our personality as well. So we spend even more money, after the initial purchase, to add some great accessories to give our pickup trucks that “personal touch”. Truck accessories play an important role in not only improving the look of our truck, but improving what others see and think about us and our trucks.

A good quality truck accessory not only looks good, but it can also serve to protect your pickup from wear and tear. There are both interior and exterior truck accessories and truck parts from which to choose.


Interior truck accessories are effective in not only increasing your comfort while traveling in your truck, but also helping to keep the interior clean and free from permanent damage. Damage caused by normal use, weather, dirt, and the likes will decrease the value of your truck, making interior truck accessories an investment worth considering.


Whether your vehicle is a luxurious car, SUV, or truck, you should take care when installing exterior truck parts. Most exterior parts come with complete installation manuals, or you may need to consider having a professional install your truck accessories for you.

Exterior truck accessories include parts like; window vent shades, or rain guards, sunroof deflectors, window graphics, bed rails, handle covers, bull bars, and fender trim to name just a few. These custom truck parts come in stainless steel, black, and are available for many, many different truck makes, models and sizes.

Adding these truck accessories will draw attention to the definitive difference between a luxurious, fancy or a good looking truck and a boring or dull pickup which hardly draws anybody’s attention.


You can buy almost any truck part and accessories you need or want, online. It’s much smarter to buy these items online because it will save you a lot of time and energy shopping for truck parts and accessories around town. Online, you can view a retailers entire inventory, without ever leaving the comfort of your home, and in many cases, find better prices. In fact, shopping for your truck needs online allows you to effectively compare prices, guarantees and return policies. Be absolutely sure you understand the terms of purchase and returns, especially if you are planning to install your truck accessories yourself. Some retailers will not offer returns on certain ones, others will offer a return only after an inspection upon their receipt. Be smart and be informed and you can experience many rewarding online truck accessory purchases that will have your truck looking great and you feeling great!

You may have noticed that the truck market has become very hot lately. It seems that you don’t have to have construction type jobs to own a truck these days. In the past foreign trucks struggled with quality issues. Now a days all truck manufacturers have stepped up in quality and have produced their own profitable truck market segment.

The Toyota Tundra truck was previously known as a light-weight duty truck, but since 2007, the Tundra has upped the heavy-duty competitive bar. Toyota has also started an aggressive branding of their tundra line to compete more aggressively with American car manufacturers. By keeping the brand in front of the customer you slowly begin to program potential buyers into the fact that there is a better truck out there, and you don’t always have to buy American to get the best product. There newest commercials show the trucks being used by hard working laboring men in various jobs. This promotes some pride in the job and shows that it is ok to have a foreign truck doing an American job. This not only helps the bottom line for sales but also spurs on the transition from the industrial age to that of a global economy.

If you’re looking to buy a truck that is affordable and reliable, then Toyota might be the truck dealer to call on. The Toyota Tundra is well known for it’s heavy duty utility features and is appealing to many middle class families. Many people who work in the construction field look to buying a Toyota truck because of its quality. Heavy duty features are also promoted in television commercials which help you realize the quality design built into the truck. In the past foreign trucks did not always mean quality, just a lower price. They never really had a good reputation.

The Tundra also has 4 wheel drive, meaning that all wheels roll, verses the 2 wheel drive, where the two back tires push the front. You can buy a Tundra with different engines, so depending on how much torque you are looking for and how much heavy duty work you do, you will need to decide if you want a 4.7L V 8; 5.7L V8; or a 4.0L V 6. The lower the liters you get, the less oil you will have to worry about and the less gas it’ll burn. So if you do construction work and are looking for something that can survive toting around heavy tools, then you may only need a 4 liter. But if you are really into the construction field and are moving around large chunks of wood, heavy machinery and such, you may want to look at the 4.7L engine.

Besides the Toyota Tundra, there is the option of buying a Toyota Tacoma. This is truly a light-weight duty truck. There have been some changes to the Tacoma over the past few years and is now more spacious and comfortable to be in. The Toyota Tacoma pickup truck has 4 doors and a long crew cab. There are two choices of engines, the 4,0L V 6 or the 2.7L Inline 4. It can also tow up to 6,500 pounds.

Toyota manufacturers are known for producing quality vehicles and many people in the US love and purchase these Japanese owned vehicles. They are reliable and huge contender for Ford, Dodge and General Motors. If you’ve been thinking about getting a Toyota Tundra or Tacoma, you might be making a really good decision.

A pickup truck is a vehicle that is commonly used for off-road adventures and usually once destination is reached the rest of the outdoor fun is continued by means of biking. Pickup trucks have a lot of space at the back that can accommodate lots of cargoes including a bike.


Maintaining order in the cargoes at the back of the pickup is very important especially when you have a bike that often when not tied down securely can damaged the other cargoes plus may smashed into the back window of your pickup. And of course too much tossing and smashing and banging will damaged your bike. One bike is bad enough just think if you have a couple of unsecured bikes at the back of your pickup. The mess and damaged will be multiplied.

Then there is the noise caused by the bike rattling around in the back of the truck which can be quite disturbing while you’re driving. And that’s not all grease and dirt can transfer easily from your bike to your other cargoes and just imagine the mess that you will have to clean up afterwards.

What can you do about it?

To prevent such unsightly incident from happening as a pickup truck owner you would have to invest on a bike rack to keep your bike on hold. Bike racks or bicycle racks are devices in which bicycles may be securely attached to an automobile such pickups or bus for transporting bicycles. A truck bed bike rack is a bicycle rack that is especially designed for pickup trucks.

In case you have a trailer hitch at the back of your truck or SUV then all you would need is to get a receiver bike rack also known as a hitch bike rack. And by the way the receiver is the term for the ball on which a trailer hitch is placed.

Your first consideration when purchasing a bike rack should be the number of bikes you will be carrying. Bike racks comes in different sizes and shapes. The most common sizes are designed to carry as few as one bike and as many as four bikes. Try to consider the number of bikes you will need your bike rack to hold and also keep in mind the possibility of adding more bikes in the future. Likewise keep in mind that if one bike rack is not enough to hold all of your bikes, you may be able to equip your vehicle with two.

Your next consideration should be is where you want to attached your bike rack to your vehicle. As much as there are many ways of killing a cat so are there ways of attaching bike racks on your vehicle. Bikes racks may be mounted on the roof, mounted on a trailer hitch, or attached to the trunk or read door. Remember that where you decide to put your bike rack is very important to the result that you want to achieve.

Bike racks placed on the roof is great since it’s out of the way. You won’t have to worry with your bikes getting in line with your driving view or blocking the access to the trunk. The downside of a roof rack, however is that it makes retrieving and stowing a little harder.

The bike rack that is attached to the trailer hitch is made of sturdy metal construction and can hold up to four bicycles. Obviously your vehicle needs to have a trailer hitch in order to use this type of back rack.